Privacy Policy

Parties and responsibilities for the processing of your personal data

Minhaj Asiatisk Kulturförening , 8024 39 – 1628 (non-profit association), Paulsgatan 10 21446, Malmö is responsible for personal data processing of personal data that takes place within the framework of the association’s activities.

Association Purpose

Minhaj Asiatisk Kulturförening is an association whose purpose is for the association to work for Asian (Eastern, primarily Pakistani) cultural activities, cultural exchanges and cultural meetings and contribute to democracy and humanity through cultural exchanges. The association aims to promote integration by organizing various lectures. The association is responsible for the cultural, social and moral development of the members so that the members remain integrated and responsible citizens in society. The association shall promote consensus and cooperation with other associations, authorities, institutions and organizations. The association shall promote for multicultural and multiethnic unity and children’s / youth leisure activities such as national, traditional and spiritual. The association is religious and party-political.

Why do we process your personal data?

In order for the association to be able to conduct its business, personal data is processed for various purposes linked to the business. The association processes personal data to administer ongoing association activities (membership meetings and other events), communicate with members (calls to activities, information to goalkeepers, etc.) and manage member-related financial transactions (membership fees and contributions, etc.). The personal data is processed when registering for direct debit payment . The personal data is processed when registering for education . The association also processes personal data to apply for contributions from, among other things, leisure management Malmö . The association is responsible for personal data for the processing of the personal data that occurs at:

  • Management of membership in the association
  • Association Management
  • Participation in the association’s other events
  • License Management
  • Application for grants
  • Compilation of statistics and follow-up
  • Training courses organized by the association
  • Contact with member
  • Visit our website
  • Publishing material on website and social media
  • Register top rope and guide cards

Who do we share personal information with?

For grants and state aid, information is shared with, for example, the Leisure Administration, Ibn Rushd Study Association and Malmö Municipality. Information shared for this purpose is e.g. first and last name, social security number and information about your activity (business, time and location). The data will not be transferred to third countries and your personal data will not be subjected to automated decision making. If at any one time the association has to share your personal data with third countries, you will be specifically informed of this. For example, it may be relevant when / if you contribute us with money to be used in our nonprofit projects such as Qurbani. If you pay by card in our iZettle card reader or payment link, the specified payment information is handled by iZettle. If you transfer money to our Bankgiro or direct debit, the payment information is handled by SEB bank and Fortnox . Association email is managed by . No personal data is actively released by the association to these parties.

How long do we store your personal data?

The association will carry out an annual assessment if the purpose of the processing of personal data remains. Unless the purpose of the processing of personal data remains, the data will be deleted. Personal data necessary for association administration shall be cleared 12 months after termination of membership, if the personal data are not necessary for legal commitment or public interest, or for any other legal basis where the purpose for processing remains. Information provided when registering for courses and events held by the association is deleted after the end of the course or event unless the information is necessary for, for example, application for grants, reporting of activity, legal obligation, general interest or other legal basis where the purpose for treatment remains. In order to prove to the payer that the concession has been signed, we must therefore save the concession .

What rights do you have?

You as a member of the association have several rights that you should know about. You have the right to receive a register extract regarding the association’s processing of your personal data. At the request of the register extract, the association will provide you with a copy of the personal data that is being processed. For any additional copies you request, the association may charge a reasonable fee based on administrative costs. You have the right to have your personal data corrected if they are incorrect, incomplete or misleading and you have the right to limit the processing of your personal data until they are changed. You have the right to be deleted under certain circumstances:

  • If the data is no longer needed for the purposes for which it was collected
  • If the treatment is based on the individual’s consent and you withdraw the consent
  • If the processing is for direct marketing and you oppose the processing of the data
  • If you oppose personal data processing that occurs within the framework of governmental authority or after a balance of interests and there are no justifiable reasons that outweigh your interests
  • If the personal data has been processed illegally
  • If deletion is required to fulfill a legal obligation
  • If the personal data refers to children and has been collected in connection with the child creating a profile in a social network

You also have the right to withdraw consent, automatically oppose decision-making, profiling and object to direct marketing. You can exercise your rights at any time by requesting access to and rectification or deletion of personal data, requesting limitation of processing or objecting to processing. Contact the Board to exercise your rights. Furthermore, you have the right to file a complaint regarding the association’s processing of personal data to the Data Inspectorate. If you want to ask us to delete your personal information, please contact us at or +46 762-62 65 17.

If you want to know more

Do not hesitate to contact us at or +46 762-62 65 17 if you have any questions about the treatment stated in this privacy policy or if you want to exercise your rights.